New projects

I met with a new client yesterday and they had some brilliant inventions! Three of them! All of them have potential. This weekend I’ll get on to the research part of things and see where to go from there. I’m excited, this will be fun.

As I did my research, it seemed not very promising for my client. However, as I considered what I had found I came to the conclusion that my job is to provide options rather than just find if something exists, so I will have some more research to do this weekend before I call it finished.

The news for my client is better now that I have done some more research. Although one thing is still evading my searching. I may have to just thumb through a whole lot of stuff to find what I’m looking for.

I have finished my research, written up my report, and visited with my client. There was some good news, and some not so good, but that’s how it goes. Of the three initial invention ideas he started with, one was already patented, one was patented a long time ago, so he can still make a company surrounding the idea even if he can’t patent it, and the third can be patented, and he can either manufacture them himself, or licence it to a company to make. All-in-all, not bad.

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