Moving forward

My first project is on standby, which I still hope to accomplish at some point. My second project has gone bust. So, all there is to do is to go forward. I have a folder with many ideas in it, so I am going through them and fishing out the ones that I can actually make myself, or at least know how they could be made. Some are already outdated, but there are still some great ones in there. I found twenty two that I can go forward with, and this time, I’ll do the research the right way first.

Doing the research cut the count down to two. Unfortunately those two won’t be big sellers  even in a good market. I didn’t find them for sale anywhere, but I still need to see if they are patented, which is a whole other process.

I did my patent research, and was unable to find either one, which is good. however, I can’t seem to get myself excited about either of them, so I’ll just be working on clients’ projects for now. I’ll revisit these two later.

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