Moving forward

My first project is on standby, which I still hope to accomplish at some point. My second project has gone bust. So, all there is to do is to go forward. I have a folder with many ideas in it, so I am going through them and fishing out the ones that I can actually make myself, or at least know how they could be made. Some are already outdated, but there are still some great ones in there. I found twenty two that I can go forward with, and this time, I’ll do the research the right way first.

Doing the research cut the count down to two. Unfortunately those two won’t be big sellers  even in a good market. I didn’t find them for sale anywhere, but I still need to see if they are patented, which is a whole other process.

I did my patent research, and was unable to find either one, which is good. however, I can’t seem to get myself excited about either of them, so I’ll just be working on clients’ projects for now. I’ll revisit these two later.

Ideas vs. Inventions

Until I went through the process of trying to get a patent, I didn’t really understand what it entailed. One of the points that stuck out to me was the concept of idea vs. invention. There are many great ideas out there, but you can’t patent an idea, you can only patent an invention.

For example, I have had two people come to me with something to patent. (This was all done in the wrong way, since being a very new company, I am working on getting to the right way to do things.) Anyway, one had an idea, and the other had an invention. The invention was very simple, and dealt with art philosophy that I didn’t understand, and sadly, I lost contact with that person, and I hope they get back in contact with me. At first it was beyond me, but I eventually did the research on it, and it’s an interesting invention. The one that was an idea was a good idea, with a lot of potential for profitability, unfortunately, it was just an idea, they had no idea how to make it work.

This is the difference between an invention and an idea. Only when you can build it yourself, or are able to explain it well enough to someone in that field that they can build it, only then is it an invention rather than just an idea. I can have the great idea of having a single pill to cure most forms of cancer, but until I figure out how to do that, it’s just an idea.